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5 NO Nonsense Ways to Get Interviews in 2022 Without wasting anymore time

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Whether it’s Sunday night or Monday morning

You know the feeling too well

The anxiety kicks in, the new work week is about to start…

But instead of excitement for new challenges…

There’s fear, uncertainty, and disappointment

Disappointment for what?

The fact that you’re unhappy with your job

The fact that your boss makes you nervous every time they walk by your desk

The fact that the only thing keeping you from leaving is that you need to provide

So why not just get another job?

Well, if it was that easy, you’d have done it already

For experienced professionals looking for career moves, it’s never that easy

Competition is high, markets are saturated

The fact that you’ve poured years / decades into your career, why would you take a demotion?

Or a pay cut?

What if the next job you settle for is JUST AS BAD?

Why not go for a better paying gig at a respected, reputable organization?

I was that person

Slaving away, good at what I did, but somewhere along the way, things went sideways

Why did I feel this way, did I lose my edge?  My competence?

Or just my confidence…

Why was I more prone to making mistakes...than ever before?

I’ll tell you, because I was over-worked, underappreciated, not incentivized and trying to juggle a million things personally and professionally

But things did get better, MUCH BETTER

You just need to tweak a few things to turn yourself into an irresistible candidate

Hi, my name is Amit and my background is in pharma engineering.  I’ve spent 15 years in industry, with engineering certification, awards and leadership under my belt.

One thing about me, my writing, speaking and ability to command attention has helped me immeasurably in my career

From landing jobs at some of the most sought-after organizations in my industry, to getting multiple roles offered nearly every time I’ve interviewed

These tactics are simple, transferable and POWERFUL

Grab your custom resume templates, which include starter text and my simple, NO BS methods to attract attention and standout in 2022 PERIOD