Anxiety robbed me of productivity, confidence and good relationships for over 25 years.

I decided to get back in Control.

Learn what I and thousands of others have done to gain: energy, focus and mood without scattered thoughts and crippling anxiety getting in the way.

Everything you'll get:
  • ✔ Be the sharpest version of yourself in minutes
  • ✔ Instantly regain poise with anxiety relief
  • ✔ Amazing mood and energy
  • ✔ Reduce brainfog and scattered thoughts
  • ✔ Be in control of ANY situation
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    If you're trying your best to have a great career, be an amazing parent and spouse...

    But you're tired of anxiety making you feel incompetent, irritated and demotivated...

    You're not alone.

    The latest research shows that anxiety cripples productivity and is the true root cause of feelings like procrastination and inability to handle stress. Symptoms include:

    ✔︎ Excessive bad habits
    ✔︎ Procrastination on even simple tasks
    ✔︎ Insomnia and sleep difficulties
    ✔︎ Being easily irritated
    ✔︎ Constant rumination
    ✔︎ Loss / inability to feel pleasure

    Addictive drugs like Xanax and other benzos just slow you down and numb you. Eventually leading to dependence, and in more serious cases breathing issues, brain damage and terrible withdrawals.

    I too have been down the road of self-defeat. 

    Overwhelmed with these symptoms, until hitting rock bottom forced me to figure a way out...

    I want to share with you exactly how I was able to get a handle on my anxiety naturally and get off autopilot for good.

    And share an opportunity for you to try the same powerful, brain boosting formula many thousands around the country are using to regain their edge, boost performance and most importantly, tame their nerves…

    Because the unique ingredients in our formula have been clinically shown to boost moods…

    Relieve anxiety and reduce scattered thoughts…

    Increase creativity and enhance problem solving…

    Improve stress tolerance…

    Speak with poise and confidence…

    Enhance energy and focus…

    All without sides, painful withdrawals, or numbing effects

    But first, I want to take a moment to share my story

    Hi everyone, my name it Amit Tyagi.  I’m an award winning, certified Engineer and Leader from the Pharma industry, and more importantly, a husband and father.

    I created Mentergy after struggling with anxiety for over 25 years, nearly giving up trying to get back in “control”

    Like most, I grew up preparing for an engaging career, getting ready to raise a family, and buy a home.

    My plan was to move up the ranks into a fitting role where I could earn well and provide the life I wanted for my family and myself.

    Like many other times in my past, anxiety would come and go, however I felt that as I grew older, I would not let it overwhelm me like it had done so many times before.

    I had a handle on it for the most part, getting married, starting a family and raising 2 beautiful children…or so I thought

    I knew it was always there, life experiences helped me tackle new issues but no one can really plan for the curve balls

    And they came (over and over again), from work related issues to family problems, life spiraled

    There I was, the same person I was in my childhood, scattered thoughts, loss of confidence and just living in a state of fear

    What was that like?  It usually meant I would be difficult to be around

    Short tempered, poor decisions, running on my “ego” just to keep face…

    Afraid of my boss, never speaking up at work, constant butterflies

    Sad, but true…

    It was so bad that my wife barely recognized who I was turning into

    I really wasn’t the same person, I became wired into a robotic, knee-jerk type of guy…

    I couldn’t deal with the simplest issues without getting aggrevated

    My creativity and ability to make great decisions under pressure?  GONE.

    My boss looked at me like, this isn’t the guy we hired, is it?

    Imagine feeling like you had no competence left, that you’d be stuck a drone just clocking in

    Day in and day out

    I was in survival mode, it’s called enduring and that’s all I did…

    How can I get to the next pay check without anyone calling me out…

    I just need to run this show a little longer until I sort myself out

    Time was passing me by, my kids were getting older and I was still the same…

    It all happened so fast…

    I aged like 10 years in just 3

    My kids were a second thought as I spiraled at work…

    It’s the only thing I could focus on, and I saw it impact my family in painfully obvious ways

    Was it all true?

    I had seen parent’s from previous generations just clocking in all day, stressed to the max, taking their problems home

    Doing this every day for 40 or 50 years?

    Well I thought it was a terrible plan, not a way to LIVE

    I knew that I was ultimately responsible, not my environment or interactions

    There is NO VICTIM

    You have to figure it out, what can help you thrive instead of just survive

    I HAD to figure this out, or risk losing it all

    Drugs to calm your nerves, like Xanax are super addictive and turn you into a zombie

    Without getting into the science of it, benzos like Xanax tune you out and numb you down, HARD

    You’ll never be your best-self on drugs like that

    I tried them and they didn’t put me in a good place, at all

    But I knew this, as an Engineer by trade in the health industry, I could research to find a better way

    I spent hundreds of hours browsing sites, journals, groups, message boards…

    Thousands of research papers, double blind studies, going back to the mid-1900s to the latest science…

    That’s when nootropics entered the scene

    From 2010 forward, there’s been a trend of “biohackers” sharing their research and trying different compounds

    Even though most of these compounds are over-the-counter and some people brush them off

    The science IS there and top research institutes show these compounds simply and powerfully WORK…

    The best part?  They are affordable and are gaining a TON of momentum

    However, back when I was looking for relief I quickly found that the right blend wasn’t out there

    Most blends simply don’t work

    Here’s why, you’ll see most of these blends with the SAME compounds!

    I quickly noticed that most blends were simply using the same buzzword nootropics…

    Most didn’t get the science right, you know why?

    Because the kitchen-sink approach does not work!

    Many of the compounds interact poorly or negate each other in the blends…

    You’re left feeling little to nothing at all…

    To further add to that, many are dosed so poorly that there’s no point including it at all…

    Some blends get it right, most didn’t…

    That’s when I decided that I had to create my own formula

    My goal was to TACKLE the elephant in the room…

    I was going after productivity killing anxiety…

    Because I knew that regardless of how awesome or confident you’re feeling…

    Once your nerves kick in…The shows over, not fun

    So I went to work, from doing genetic testing and hair mineral analysis to speaking with industry leaders in Pharma

    After 1.5 years testing, Mentergy was born

    A Powerful Bioavailable Lithium based combination, to let the BEST version of you shine

    It's important to note, Bioavailable Lithium is an essential nutrient that's been farmed out of our soils and is actually required for optimal mental function

    I knew exactly when I perfected the formula…

    No FLUFF, No BS, perfectly balanced, 8 natural and safe nootropics:

    Our Peak State+ Blend

    Grab Mentergy Now!
    Lithium Orotate

    -Stabilizes mood and nerves

  • -Enhances serotonin release
  • -Releases neuroprotective proteins
  • Rhodiola Rosea

    -Significantly reduces fatigue

  • -Improves cognitive function
  • -Improves low mood symptoms
  • L-Theanine

    -Enhances focus and motivation

  • -Acts as an anxiolytic
  • -Improves memory
  • L-Alpha GPC

    -Enhances memory

  • -Boosts energy
  • -Acts as a neuro-protectant
  • Advanced B-Vitamins

    -Methyl B12: Enhanced energy

  • -P5P B6: Optimized dopamine
  • -Niacinamide: Focus and clarity
  • Caffeine

    -Reduces fatigue and drowsiness

  • -Improves alertness
  • -Improves athletic performance
  • Where I am today…

    Being an Engineer in the health industry, made me test extensively

    So I put Mentergy to the test and immediately noticed the benefit…

    What was that you ask?  I could literally feel the nerves being calmed AND my poise returning

    Anytime I expected the butterflies…they NEVER came

    I was FINALLY balanced, and guess what?

    I THRIVE in this environment, I saw the best me come to bat and constantly knock it out of the park…

    People took notice, I got larger bonuses, higher raises, and promotional moves that I longed for…

    Best of all?  I was back to being a supportive loving husband and father again…

    Running around with my kids, sporadic date nights and new memories became my reality again…

    I realized that my mind was rewiring itself for performance, happiness, creativity and confidence

    I regained my voice, now it’s time for you to regain yours…


    “I’m a fitness instructor/ personal trainer who needs to get up early and motivate… I tried the sample packet of mentergy. Ever so slightly I started to notice my mental clarity was on point! I was able to function and perform as if I had a cup of coffee 2 hours before.”

    Marissa D. – Verified Buyer

    “I’ve been dabbling in the nootropic field for a while now and have also used all the pre workouts on the market by this point. Mentergy is by far the best supplement I’ve come across…Great feeling of enhanced focus, energy, and I generally feel more motivated with whatever I’m doing.”

    Vipin T. – Verified Buyer

    “I have tried A LOT and all kinds of energy stuff, nothing ever worked, I tried this stuff bc it was on sale…It’s AWESOME I’m in a better mood and I have energy, I love this stuff just for putting me in a better mood plus the whole not sleeping 25 hours a day”

    Mena S. – Verified Buyer

    “Great mental focus and energy to accomplish tasks! No jittery feelings or any side effects."

    Kristi F. – Verified Buyer

    “This product actually follows through on its promises – additional energy and focus without the jitters or crashes. Totally recommend it.”

    LukeyMum – Verified Buyer

    “Amazing product!!! A serious game changer for my busy stressful life. It’s allowed me to take on further tasks that I was in able to do before. Also no crash or negative effects like other similar products.”

    Brent S. – Verified Buyer



    We know you'll absolutely love our product. However if it's not for you, simply follow our return policy below. We don’t want you to order anything you aren’t 100% satisfied with…Plus, keep all of your added bonuses!

    I want you to be HAPPY, if you're not, then I'm not. Therefore, we’re happy to offer a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee! If you aren’t thrilled with your order, simply follow our refund policy within 60 days and we’ll refund your payment without any questions asked.

    We’re proud to have incredibly loyal customers who love our products, and we’re confident you will too. But if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you can have total peace of mind thanks to this 100% money-back guarantee.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many should I order?

    Each carton has 30 individual pouches, and each pouch has a single serving. We recommend trying Mentergy for at least a month in order to receive maximum benefits, so ordering at least two cartons is best. Although Mentergy works great from the first dose,repeated usage adds more benefits, as compounds like lithium orotate and methyl-B12 go to work addressing symptoms.

    Is Mentergy safe?

    Absolutely! All of our compounds were carefully chosen to benefit your health. Mentergy was formulated using exact science, meaning there’s nothing included just to tout on our label. All compounds were chosen to work in synergy with one another, supporting mind-balancing, energy-boosting, and mood-enhancing effects.

    Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes! All orders receive FREE SHIPPING!

    Where is Mentergy manufactured?

    Mentergy is manufactured in the USA within a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and FDA registered facility! Additionally, our products are tested for potency and purity.

    How much caffeine is in Mentergy?

    Each serving has as much caffeine as a small cup of coffee. Because the caffeine molecule works closely with lithium orotate, Mentergy provides energy and mood-boosting benefits while reducing anxiety.