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Regain Your Focus. Perform Under Pressure. Defeat Anxiety.

✔ Regain poise with anxiety relief

✔ Enhance mood and energy

✔ Reduce brainfog and scattered thoughts

✔ Promotes healthy brain chemistry

All-natural product for Professionals and Entrepreneurs who want to be the sharpest version of themselves!

Defeat Mental Exhaustion

Synergistic blend to recharge your mind and body

Eliminate The Fear

Bioavilable Lithium for encouraging calm and poise in difficult situations

Neuro Vitamins & Minerals

Essential, advanced forms of powerful brain optimizing vitamins and minerals

Happy Neurotransmitters

Optimize your mood - adaptogen blend to encourage an elevated mood

Peak Performance

Avoid energy drinks and shots, our blend gets you there in 2 capsules

Cover ALL Your Bases

Finally a nootropic that covers ALL bases for peak mental performance

Be On Your "A" Game. Tame Your Nerves.

How Mentergy Benefits YOU.

We’ve broken the mold when it comes to brain supplements by addressing one critical element blocking your “A” game.

Mentergy uses targeted, no fluff, powerful nootropics to enhance your energy, focus, mood and goes to work eliminating crippling anxiety. Allowing the BEST VERSION of you to shine.

Yes, anxiety, the game changing feeling that can take all your confidence, poise, preparation and resolve away in a heartbeat. It leads to poor performance, irritability, procrastination, forgetfulness and nervousness that everyone can read.

Our ability to perform under pressure, making quality decisions and handle whatever life throws at us can be hindered if we get overwhelmed and stay in that “rut” for too long.

How do you address that?

That’s our goal.

Developed by an Award Winning, Certified Engineer and Pharma leader.

We combine science with nature: essential micronutrients and nootropics in a way that effectively works. Our products play on synergies to remove the anxiety, fears and doubt while unlocking the sharpest and most poised version of you!

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<h3>Biggest challenge</h3>

Biggest challenge

Cognitive enhancing supplements and nootropics today rely on compounds that may enhance memory, focus and energy but do nothing to keep you poised and calm under pressure.  This is crucial when you want to perform at your best without emotions, anxiety or low mood slowing you down. 

Lesser known essential trace micronutrient, bioavailable lithium, balances mood and optimizes our fight or flight response for unmatched calm and poise during stressful periods. A lack of this mineral can significantly impact our body’s ability to control neurotransmitters associated with performance, mood, fear and aggression. Leading to brain fog, poor decision making, and reduced ability to perform in high-demand situations. 

Numerous studies, including those found in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Neuroscience and Nutrition Journal have found significant benefits for indicators of mental performance and anxiety relief.

<h3>There's more...</h3>

There's more...

Essential trace mineral lithium is rarely found in water and food today, because it has been farmed out of our soils and filtered from our water supplies.

This has occurred as farming fertilization techniques and water purification systems have all but removed this powerful, essential trace mineral.

Mental Performance Supplements are missing this KEY ingredient. Supplement blends are merely masking the symptoms of brain fog and stress, however when it comes to perform...GUESS WHAT?

Fear, emotions and unmanaged stress take ALL of that away.

<h3>We've solved the problem</h3>

We've solved the problem

We have developed an all-natural, powerful nootropic blend that successful professionals, executives and entrepreneurs take every day to gain an "unbeatable" edge over the competition.

By combining the powerful ingredients in synergy, you'll be able to be the BEST version of yourself with energy, focus, improved mood and MOST importantly, with calm and poise to own any situation!

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What are people saying?

“I’m a fitness instructor/ personal trainer who needs to get up early and motivate… I tried the sample packet of mentergy. Ever so slightly I started to notice my mental clarity was on point! I was able to function and perform as if I had a cup of coffee 2 hours before.”

Marissa D. – Verified Buyer

“This product actually follows through on its promises – additional energy and focus without the jitters or crashes. Totally recommend it.”

LukeyMum – Verified Buyer

“Amazing product!!! A serious game changer for my busy stressful life. It’s allowed me to take on further tasks that I was in able to do before. Also no crash or negative effects like other similar products.”

Brent S. – Verified Buyer

“I’ve been dabbling in the nootropic field for a while now and have also used all the pre workouts on the market by this point. Mentergy is by far the best supplement I’ve come across…Great feeling of enhanced focus, energy, and I generally feel more motivated with whatever I’m doing.”

Vipin T. – Verified Buyer

“I have tried A LOT and all kinds of energy stuff, nothing ever worked, I tried this stuff bc it was on sale…It’s AWESOME I’m in a better mood and I have energy, I love this stuff just for putting me in a better mood plus the whole not sleeping 25 hours a day”

Mena S. – Verified Buyer

“Great mental focus and energy to accomplish tasks! No jittery feelings or any side effects."

Kristi F. – Verified Buyer

Our Peak State+ Blend

Lithium Orotate

-Stabilizes mood and nerves

  • -Enhances serotonin release
  • -Releases neuroprotective proteins
  • Rhodiola Rosea

    • -Significantly reduces fatigue
    • -Improves cognitive function
    • -Improves low mood symptoms


    • -Enhances focus and motivation
    • -Acts as an anxiolytic
    • -Improves memory

    L-Alpha GPC

    • -Enhances memory
    • -Boosts energy
    • -Acts as a neuro-protectant


    • -Reduces fatigue and drowsiness
    • -Improves alertness
    • -Improves athletic performance

    Advanced B-Vitamins

    • -Methyl B12 - Enhanced energy
    • -P5P B6 - Optimized dopamine
    • -Niacinamide - Focus and clarity


    The Most Complete Nootropic


    Powerful Nootropics


    Essential Brain Nutrients


    Professionals Optimized